Emily Randall

Fantasy and Science Fiction


What does it mean to be “temporally deactivated?”

Experience a historical moment through the intervention of a time travel agency. Be trapped inside a time bubble—willingly—so that you can save the universe from Darkness over and over again. Step outside of time at the order of your queen in order to stop a traitor…or to keep an assassin from destroying the future. Or travel forward into the future in order to kill off timelines to save your son…or backwards to halt an accident to save your relationship.

Coming this summer, Temporally Deactivated is an anthology from Zombies Need Brains. You can preorder the ebook version or the paperback version now!

The Society of Misfit Stories Presents… is a unique periodical of long form fiction published three times a year. Each issue provides an eclectic collection of novelette and novella-length speculative and literary fiction. This issue includes Emily’s story Tempus Cessat, a novelette set in a Victorian-era version of London where the Fae and humans coexist uneasily and one young part-Fae struggles to protect their chosen family.

The first edition is available in both ebook and paperback!

When you’re trapped on a prison moon with no way to escape and a host of unruly prisoners to watch over, what do you do? Warden’s Dilemma, coming soon to an edition of Future SF, attempts to give at least one answer to that question.


Science fiction novels and movies are full of machines that develop consciousness and try to take over the world. Almost always, such machines are more intelligent than humans, more powerful, and easily able to accomplish their goals. Yet current attempts to create artificial intelligences (AIs) lack most of the capabilities that the AIs of science fiction have. What will it take to create a truly conscious AI? Check out Conscious Machines, appearing soon in Visions Magazine, to learn more.