Ember Randall

Fantasy and Science Fiction


Follow a half-Fae artificer as they learn to master their powers in Victorian-era London, or fly along with an AI spaceship trying to escape its job as a prison warden. See what happens when a trio of previously-warring societies try to establish a communal training center when the scars of war haven’t yet healed. Magic, mischief, and mayhem lie in these sci-fi and fantasy tales, with a cast of queer and neurodivergent characters of all shapes and sizes. If you like fierce healers, genderqueer Fae, or rebellious AI, these are for you!


Ever wondered what people really mean when they talk about machine learning and artificial intelligence? What about privacy in technology and the types of things tech can and can’t do for surveillance? If so, check out some of the nonfiction articles in Science in Sci-fi! Or, if technology is less interesting than psychology and philosophy, learn about fairy tales or what makes consciousness!