Ember Randall

Fantasy and Science Fiction

Available now: Temporally Deactivated

In Victorian-era Londinium, being a part-blood Fae requires walking a dangerous tightrope. For Rowan O’Carroll, the danger doubles when they find an artifact that appears to turn their roommate into a statue, leaving them little time to find a cure before the matrons at the boarding school discover the issue. If they’re outed as Faeblooded, it could be the difference between success and a life on the streets.

Join Rowan, along with the protagonists of a number of other wonderful stories, in the anthology Temporally Deactivated by Zombies Need Brains. Experience a historical moment through the intervention of a time travel agency. Be trapped inside a time bubble—willingly—so that you can save the universe from Darkness over and over again. Step outside of time at the order of your queen in order to stop a traitor…or to keep an assassin from destroying the future. Or travel forward into the future in order to kill off timelines to save your son…or backwards to halt an accident to save your relationship.

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